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Application report Daan Technologies – Bob cassette

The French company Daan Technologies produces innovative electronic devices for the consumer sector. The most famous and advanced product is the mini dishwasher “Bob” – a compact and freestanding dishwasher.

The small Bob can be customized and, with its small footprint, fits into any room. The heart of the cleaning cycle is the so-called cassette, a reusable cartridge that holds both detergent and rinse aid. This cartridge consists of a black plastic housing with 3 chambers, a small circuit board and a white cover.
The cover must be joined to the housing in such a way that the three chambers are both tight and reliably separated from each other. Laser plastic welding was selected for this step because only this process can guarantee tightness and also high strength. It also protects the sensitive electronic component.
The application report explains the joining process and goes into detail about the component – the laser-welded cartridge.